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9 June 2017

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An unexpected visit from Channel 7 news surprises SJP senior
by Kate Stanislaski `18

Melrose, MA — Recently visited by Channel 7 at our own SJP Learning Commons, Cali Lapenta `17 was surprised by her parents, classmates and teachers and presented with a special award. The award she received, known as the “Class Act” Award, honors students or teachers who excel in their service to their communities.


Cali’s classmates, parents and teachers surprise her in the Learning Commons as she receives her Class Act Award. (photo by S. Shuman)


Lapenta was recognized for her work with underprivileged children at her dance studio, Melrose Dance Academy, where she has been dancing for 16 years. A foundation Cali began during her junior year, the Dream to Dance Foundation has raised over $4,000 for children who share her passion for dance but are unable to pay for dance classes themselves. She started the foundation by creating a GoFundMe for her charity as well as a Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account, even including a logo she designed herself.

“My passion really is dance. I’ve been doing it for so long, and there’s a lot of people who can’t afford it because dance is so expensive,” Lapenta told the WHDH reporter.

Her charity quickly took off along with the help from her dance instructors, family, friends and even complete strangers. Lapenta explained that giving back to her dance community in a way she once thought would just complete her required service hours, actually became a great learning opportunity as well as something that now gives her great happiness.

She hopes to keep her foundation going as long as possible. Although she is going to college in the fall, Lapenta will continue to give kids a chance to do something that they might not be able to do without support from the Dream to Dance Foundation.

Her “Class Act” segment aired on the Channel 7 morning news on Friday, May 19. Fellow dancer, Lily Fabrizio `18, and STEAM teacher and Robotics Team Moderator, Ms. Gipson, were also featured in the story. If you missed the early morning broadcast, you can watch it online on the WHDH website (whdh.com/news/class-act-st-josephs-prep -senior-creates-dream-to-dance-foundation/)



Photos of the Week – STEAM Show


11 May 2017

Phoenix Hall — Did you attend the spectacular SJP STEAM show?  In addition to paintings, photographs, and sculptures, our student artists created a magical forest, dragons and robots!  Congratulations to Mr. Glozzy, Mr. Shiner, Ms. Gipson, Mr. Tice and their talented students!

20170511_190537                    20170511_180830

20170511_181216       20170511_180118

On the Front Page of The TIE

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SJP celebrates Multicultural Day
by Anthony Khoory `19

Saint Joseph Prep — On Friday, March 31, SJP celebrated its diversity in the 5th annual Multicultural Day. After attending two class periods, the students toured the school with their advisory visiting different rooms where their classmates shared the heritage of 15 different nations.

Each room typically featured a digital presentation, food, and some activity representative of that group’s cultural identity. For example, McKenzie Jennette `18 led an exercise in which she taught the visitors of Trinidad and Tobago popular slang terms specific to the islands.

Over in South Korea’s room, Jessica Kwon `17 wrote each visitor’s name in Korean characters, creating name tags for everyone.


Mr. Shiner, Nailah Khoory, Jindi Ren and Anthony Khoory dance the dabke in the Middle Eastern room. (photo by L. Walkins)

Mr. Shiner, who helped in the Middle Eastern room, was “proud to see how every room was very student-led.” The Middle Eastern presentation included garlicky hummus, savory stuffed grape leaves, sweet baklava, and a communal dabke dance.


Kira Fernandes and Maria Andrade share their favorite dishes from Cape Verde. (photo by L. Walkins)

Maria Andrade ‘19, was so glad to have helped create a Cape Verdean room. She felt overjoyed to share this culture because “most people don’t really know much about it.” In that room, the presentation included dancing, a Cape Verdean Creole lesson, and of course food.

Faculty members voted for the best overall presentations and the winners were announced at the assembly which concluded the fun-filled day. Congratulations to the winning rooms:

1st Place – South Korea – Jessica Kwon `17, Jihae Kim `18, Jamie Seo `18, Min Kang `17, Sam Lee `20
2nd Place – Italy – Anthony Bradley `17, Cali Lapenta `17, Lily Fabrizio `18
3rd Place (tie) – Ireland – Sharon King `17, Mary Forbes `17, Hannah Burke `17, Hayley Leger `17, Cayleigh McMullan `17, Jackie Joyce `17 3rd Place (tie) – Cape Verde – Maria Andrade `19, Kira Fernandes `19, Armani Monteiro `17


Visitors to South Korea compete in the Chicken Fight game. (photo by L. Walkins)

Students also showcased the unique culture of the following countries:

China – Valerie Gao `19, Yvonne Li `18, Elena Wang `18, Bruce He `18, Randy Su `18, Sam Wu `18
Germany – Maren Strauss `19, Charlie Cassidy `19, Alex Tracanna `19
Greece – Sophia Sáponte `17, Sophia Pappas `19, Emily Taranto `17 and Bianca Tracanna `17
Haiti – Shereka Dauphine `19, Joadly Duplan `17, Tyler-Gary Louis `19, Taisha Joseph `19, Emmuella Rene `19, Shanice Saint Fleur `19
Middle East – Gabe Hanna `20, Anthony Khoory `19, Nailah Khoory `18
Norway – Martine Bjöernstad `17, Jeonghun Kim `17
Russia – Aleksandra Christie `19, Cameron Ferent `19, Annie McElroy `19, Helen Miao `19
Judaism – Rebekah Forrest `17, Sarah Forrest `19, Audrey McDonough `17
Peru – Jonathan Stratter `17, Benjamin Stratter `17, Ricky Espada `17, Dante Salvucci `17, Theresa Sandbrook `17
Puerto Rico – Herminio Alvarez `18, Isaac Amato `18, Jacob Bianculli `18
Trinidad and Tobago – Kelli Aquino `18, Nacaira Hill-Malloy `18, Destiny King `18, Philippe Legagneur `17, McKenzie Jennette `18, Joseline Pineda Ruiz `18

Multicultural Group

Multicultural Day presenters proudly display flags from around the world. (photo by S. Shuman)

Photo of the Week – Harvard Crimson Conference


Photo by L. Walkins


On Saturday, April 1, three members of the student newspaper staff attended a conference for high school journalists at the offices of the Harvard Crimson newspaper.  Nailah Khoory `18, Sam Wu `18, and Gabe Hanna`20 enjoyed listening to presentations given by the Harvard students who work on the daily paper.  They attended some interesting workshops, including Journalism in the Digital Age, Following a Lead: An Intro to Effective Investigative Journalism, and the Editors-in-Chief Roundtable.  Our student journalists came away from the day brimming with ideas to make The TIE even better!